One of the largest facilities in Turkey processing marble of diligently patterns and shades from superior quality self-operated marble quarries of Anatolia, which have been decorating for years many elite buildings both locally and abroad, was established at Isparta in 1984, under the latest Italian technology.

At present, it comprises of 100,000 square meters of open and 17,500 square meters of closed space at its premises. With its existing machinery park (consisting of 11 ST, 2 Mill Saws, 3 Faience Polishing Lines, 2 Plate Polishing Lines, 2 Travertine Filling Lines, 2 Travertine Polishing Lines) and ongoing investmests, "MODULMER" is one of the collosal organizations of its sector.

One of the Founders of Modulmer and also its Chief Executive Officer, Hasan Kose, is expanding the machinery and equipment park day by day, by incorporating his experience gained through long years of work in the sector. In Modulmer Marble Plant, manufacturing and dimensioning of marble plates and travertine tiles of 1 cm. thickness, attentively classified so as to meet worldwide demands, are being performed.

Modulmer is exporting a major part of the marbles and traverines its is manufacturing to its customers in five continents of the world.By means of the amateur sprit and passion of the years it was originally founded, Modulmer shall be serving Turkey and the World in a professional manner, for many more years to come.